What are the main differences between V1 and V2?

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V2 came full of news and meeting requests from several customers. Several of the functionalities of V2 are intended to allow Spotter to adapt better to the different commercial strategies of our customers. Just look:

Want to know more? Take a look then at the main differences between the versions:

customizable funnel

In V2 you can create as many stages as you need, define how the lead goes from one stage to another (filter, scheduling, manual) and even define which filter will be applied according to market, origin, suggested product.

Drooling, right? Not to mention the filter configuration screen that was completely redone thinking about how our customers need to see this information:

All questions and answers on a single screen. Sensational huh?

There's more about the funnel here ;)

Dynamic email cadence

This one is for you who want to put a lead in a cadence automatically. With the dynamic list , you define the input requirements for leads (already registered in the base) in your campaigns.

This feature opens up possibilities for automation of nutrition and even negotiation for you who have sellers as Spotter users too!

filter segmentation

I already gave a spoiler, right? So, in V2 if you need to apply different filters according to some characteristics of the lead, you can do it!

There is a lot of information that can be used to direct filters to leads:

If the lead comes from an inbound source, for example, it may have its own specific filter. Or does a pre-salesperson only work with Key Accounts? It can have a unique filter too! And with Segmentation, when starting the filter with the lead, Spotter opens that specific filter by itself.

You felt like knowing more, right? It has the explanation of the functionality here .

User seller option

YES! In V2 the seller can access Spotter! And you can centralize your funnel information in a single system ;)

This functionality is in the process of continuous development, so if you need something that we don't have yet so that you can get the best out of Spotter with your sellers as users, just send us your suggestion and we'll evaluate it with the greatest affection <3


Dashboard personalizavel

Got too much information on your dashboard? Or less? Don't worry. In V2 you can customize the dashboard .

Also, you can share it with other Spotter users. There is a difference in visualization for Manager(s), Pre-salesperson(s) and Salesperson(s) — when creating another dashboard, it is possible to identify which profiles will have access to the Dashboard.

Multiple opportunities

For those of you who work for the same company in your funnel, but approach different areas of it, V2 offers multiple opportunities:


Without a doubt a long awaited delivery! The Leads register underwent a reformulation — what was previously called just Lead is now called Lead/Opportunity with the addition of Company/Organization.

These two entities can be linked , that is, now the same Company/Organization can have several Leads/Opportunities, which cuts the need for duplicating leads in customers who operate with several products, recurring sales and different departments in their companies. 

Advanced Permissions (featured for managers)

In V2, it is possible to configure permissions for all profiles, including managers. In this article you can find a brief explanation of permissions.

From dashboards, access to leads, integrations in funnel stages, we think about how to serve you customer when more than one team uses Spotter ;)



Some of your leads don't need to go through all the steps?

Do you want to be able to drag the lead through the funnel?

Your request has been granted!

In V2, you can enable the Skip Steps feature that will allow this lead evolution flexibility. 

But stay tuned! With the option to skip steps activated, you need to be aware that this type of lead movement “breaks” the metrics, okay?

Duplicate questionnaire

Visualizing and editing a filter in V2 is already easy, but we went further and met a customer need that adds a lot to the manager's work.

You start prospecting a new market and realize that the filter doesn't serve you very well, and that market needs a specific filter. Segmentation will solve this. But building this new filter doesn't have to be from scratch, in V2 you can simply Duplicate an existing filter and make only the necessary modifications ;)

V2 is constantly evolving and your feedback is always welcome. 

So let's go to V2?

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