What is Exact Spotter?

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Exact Spotter is a lead management and qualification software LRM ), specially developed for complex sales, with several stages of constant monitoring, which allows the tracking of your process. 

The software guides and monitors interactions with potential customers so that it can generate bad opportunities.

Through its use, it is possible to have a greater efficiency in the management of sales and the qualification of leads with Pre-Sales.

What is the Exact Spotter?

Assertive targeting of potential customers: prioritization of qualified potential customers


Through the analysis of the technical and situational factors that influence the purchase, Exact Spotter helps to predict the potential customer's maturity and identify possible objections so that his team of sales will gain more authority and close more badly .


These actions are part of:

  • Encourage the collection and registration of valuable data, generating the interest of potential customers;

  • Detection of business fit with basic logic in Boole;

  • Lead segmentation system by points (Lead Scoring).

Sales Pack Control: Manage all potential customer data in one place

Reliable information about the potential customer base and the customer base, in real time. 

Exact Spotter integrates with the generation of potential customers , marketing automation and CRM software to completely control the customer's appeal.

These actions are part of:

• Chronology of interactions with the leader, with recording of calls;

• Transfer of potential customers guided by compiled data;

• Management of scheduling opportunities with sales potential;

• Feedback channel between pre-sellers and sellers based on the quality of delivery.

Optimizing the communication of potential customers: cree an infallible approach


Regardless of the sales cycle in which the market is complex, Exact Spotter guides and monitors interactions with the lead so that you can increase the generation of opportunities , and to decide: the software suggests actions based on data.


These actions are part of: 

• Adaptable and predefined guidelines and scripts;

• Preconfiguration of qualifying filters for potential customers;

• Derivation of questions in dynamic focus scripts, including A / B problems, automation of electronic mail and application of tracking rate with potential customers. 

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