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Discover, quickly, all the features present in Spotter. The functions are available in the menu which is easily accessed by sliding the mouse over the left sidebar. Each icon has its divisions. Remember that the Manager profile view is different from the pre-salesperson profile. Below are the features of Spotter in the Manager's view.


On the Dashboard, the Manager has an overview of how his team is performing and can obtain results from processes. The first graph is about the Sales Funnel , the second about the Quality of Meetings and finally the Monitoring of Goals.



In this tab, the Manager has the possibility to configure the permissions for the Team , as well as to include or exclude new members in the Pre-Sales Sales and Managers team. 



In the Agenda, it is possible for the Manager to establish the Sales Hours for the Sellers and the Calendar in which the days and times when the salespeople can schedule meetings will be made available.


In the Leads section it is possible to register new Leads Transfer Leads from one pre-seller to another, check the Lead Base (Funnel) , see the Lead List as well as Import a Lead List in Excel spreadsheet format for the Spotter.




In the Activities tab, it is possible for the Manager to create activities related to Leads, which will be performed by Pre-Salespeople. The activities include callback, meeting scheduling and filter continuation, in addition to creating other activities according to the manager's interest.


Email cadence

In the cadence of emails, campaigns are carried out, which are sent to leads. To make a campaign it is necessary to create an email Template , right after choosing the lists of leads that will be the targets of this campaign. 

Business Analytics

In Business Analytics it is possible to combine data from different segments to generate reports on the Pre-Sales operation.


The Score is the place where the number of points of the Pre-Salespeople is verified within a selectable time range.

Link Extract 

Call Statement is the functionality responsible for enabling the Manager to have a view of the calls made through the software.


The Exact Spotter Workflow is a sequence of steps performed automatically, based on events and actions. For example, when a lead is registered manually (event), the system creates an activity to be performed by the pre-seller at the time of registration. 



In Settings it is possible to configure several functionalities of the tool.

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