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Chat with leads through the largest communication tool in the world, WhatsApp Business, inside the largest Sales Engagement tool in Latin America, Exact Spotter. 

• Real-time conversations in multiple windows;

○ Ask the lead to contact you via WhatsApp instead of sending that laborious email. Receiving is in real time. Messages arrive simultaneously in all operating windows.

• Choose the best way to view the conversation history; 

○ Consult the history of the last 7 days of conversation with the lead through WhatsApp Business or, if you prefer, check it all on the lead's timeline .

• Interact with the lead in different ways;

○ Download the videos and images sent by the lead to speed up the service and engage more in the conversation;

• Give options to facilitate communication;

○ Ask the lead to send you an audio, you can listen directly through WhatsApp Business from Spotter or download it to your computer. 

IMPORTANT:  Before continuing with this reading, we recommend that you read the article WhatsApp Business and Spotter: What you need to know before using it, because in it we answer the most frequent questions, aiming to facilitate the understanding of all Spotter users.

We can follow? So let's go!


Now that you know that Spotter is even more modern with  WhatsApp Business enabled , check below how using the tool will work to communicate with  leads  in your daily life.


Log in to the Exact Spotter page . 

The. Enter your email, password and click  Login .

WhatsApp Business is located next to your name, which is in the top right corner of Spotter. To open, just click on the icon.


When opening, if there are messages, you will see all the conversations that are in progress with  you  or that are waiting for your response.


Click on it to view and respond.


IMPORTANT: Spotter does not impose a limit on contacts linked to the company. To make it easier to identify conversations, they will always appear with the name of the lead.

How will new contact information appear?


In the same format as new WhatsApp conversations   when the contact is not saved on your  smartphone.  That is, with the area code + phone number. 



In addition to interacting with  leads , it is also possible to:  Register contacts as   new leads End the conversation with the  lead  or even  Exit  WhatsApp Business Check the details below:

Register  Lead:  Click on the three dots icon ( ) in the WhatsApp Business conversation  and select the  Register Lead option .


Then, you will be taken to the standard  lead registration page , with the  contact number  already filled in. 


Complete the registration by entering the other information and then click on  Save . 



In the next interactions via  WhatsApp Business,  the  lead  will already be properly identified.


Disconnect Account:  Are you part of a team that does not answer via  WhatsApp Are you busy all day? 


Thinking about the different ways and possibilities of work, we created this option to  disconnect  the account whenever necessary. 

To do so, click on the three dots icon ( ) in the WhatsApp Business conversation  and select the  Disconnect Account option.


Make sure this is what you want to do and confirm by clicking  Disconnect. 


To connect, just repeat the process by opening  WhatsApp Business  and then clicking  connect. 


Automatically the conversation history of the last 7 days will reappear.


In practice, what changes between  WhatsApp  and  WhatsApp Business ? 


The tool's operating mode is the same. The differences are in the restrictions imposed by  Facebook  on the use of  WhatsApp Business .

Check out the restrictions imposed by Facebook in the WhatsApp Business and Spotter article 
: What you need to know before using


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