How to add, edit or delete call results? - Spotter V2

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Call Results  are used to inform what was the result of the call with the lead. 

Spotter has  default Call Results  already registered, these results cannot be changed.

However, if you need to register new items, edit or deactivate those you have already registered, follow these steps: 

Register Connection Results

1.  Go to the “ Settings ” menu; 


2.  Click on  “Standards” ;


3.  On the top tabs, click on  “Connection Results” ;


4.  When opening the tab, the results of calls previously registered will be displayed. These results cannot be changed as they are Spotter defaults;


5.  Add a new Connection Result, clicking on the  Create button ; 


6.  After inserting, click on  Save ; 

Once this is done, the result will automatically appear in the list; 


Editing Link Results

Only Call Results  registered by the manager can be edited  . Standard results  CANNOT  be edited.

The results registered by the manager will have the options to “ Edit ” or “ Deactivate ”.

To edit a Connection Result follow these steps: 

1.  Find the desired Connection Result in the listing and click on the pencil icon to edit.


2.  When you click on edit, a pop up will open confirming if you really want to edit the item. The message is as follows “ All leads registered with this pattern will be changed. Do you wish to continue? ” 

If interested, click  CONTINUE  taking into account that the registered result will be changed in all leads already registered with this result.

If you don't want to change it, click  CANCEL . 

3.  By clicking  CONTINUE , you will be able to edit the Connection Result. 

4.  After editing, click  Save . 


Ready! Your Connection Result has changed. 

Delete, Deactivate and Activate call results

Call results already used in leads CANNOT be deleted from the system.

If you no longer need a Connection Result, you can  deactivate it By deactivating it, you do not lose the information already registered in a lead and prevent this result from being registered in new leads.

To disable a link result, follow these steps:

5.   Find the desired Link Result in the listing and click the  blue switch  to disable a link result. This option is on the right side of the item to be disabled;

6.  When clicking the blue switch, the binding result will be disabled.

7.  You can confirm the deactivation when the  “Switch turns gray” ;

8.  If you want to  “Enable”  a “Disabled” result  , follow all the previous steps and click on the  “Gray Switch” Once this is done, the item will be activated. See that the gray switch is back to  Blue 

To exclude, just follow the same steps until you identify the connection result. Then click on the three dots icon ( ) and  Delete. 


This option will only be available for unused binding results. 

Review this configuration to ensure that the registered options are suitable for your operation.

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