How to configure product and pain detection rules - Spotter V2

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The automatic detection of products and pains is a feature that allows the software to identify the appropriate Product/Pain for the lead based on their responses during the application of filters.


This feature is especially interesting in scenarios where you have an extensive portfolio of products/pains and your sales team has difficulty bringing the best solution to the customer. Or even when there is a division between sellers who are more familiar with a particular product or type of pain. This will make it easier for the pre-seller to make an appointment with the seller responsible for the product and/or pain detected.


To configure an automatic detection rule you must follow the steps described below.


1.  With the manager profile, access the  Settings  menu , then click on the  Detection Rules 


2.  After that, click on Register New  Rule  to create a new product and/or pain detection rule.

 3.  Define the rule name and click Next. 


4.  Choose at least one product and/or one pain: 

Note: You can select more than 1 product and/or pains for detection.

5.  Next, you will define which step this rule applies to 



6.  Then you will carry out a similar procedure, but selecting  the question and answer  you want to detect that product and pain.


Note: You can select more than one question and answer to generate a combination


7.  The next stage consists of defining which questions and answers  ELIMINATE  the detection, that is, which alternatives that, if answered by the  lead  , prevent the detection of the product or pain.


Note: This part should only be done if there is a question and answer that eliminates the detection, if not, you can just proceed by clicking Next.


8.  Finally, a rule summary screen will appear. Just check that everything is set up as expected and click  Save.


That's it, product and pain rule detection configured! (: 

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