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In Exact Spotter, it is possible to access the  “Lead Details ” screen, which was structured in a way to allow an easier reading of lead information.

The “Lead Details” screen contains all the lead's contact information, in addition to the activities done, next actions and history on the timeline.

In this article, we will show all the information available in “Lead Details” and how to use this Spotter feature more assertively. 

1.  To access this page, enter  Exact Spotter , access the side menu and go to  Lead > Lead Base (Funnel) .


In the  lead base , you can view all the leads that are active in your sales funnel and which stage they are in.

There are two ways to access “Lead Details”: 

2.2.  In the first way to access the page, just click on the name of the desired Lead. 

2.2.  In the second form, locate the desired lead and click on the three dots symbol () as shown in the image below:


2.2.1 Next, a box will open with some lead information. Click on “Lead Details”



3.  Regardless of the way to access “Lead Details”, both ways will lead to the following page: 


4.  The  upper cards  indicate the active time (since registration), the stage of the funnel the lead is in (or discarded status) and the date of the last update.


5.  On the  “ Company ” card  , all information regarding the company is displayed. In “ Contacts ” all information referring to all contacts associated with the company is grouped.



6.  The  “ Assignees ” card  shows which users the  lead  is assigned to. In this case, the  lead  will be assigned to a salesperson only at the time of booking.



7.  “ Suggested Products ” gathers the products and quantities indicated when a  lead  is marked as sold.


8.  The  “ Funnel ” card  shows when a  lead  entered each stage of the funnel, their respective stages, as well as the classification and score obtained. Still on the  funnel card  , for users with a  manager  profile (or pre-salespeople with  permission ), it is possible to access the answers given in the filter and, if the  lead  has been evaluated more than once, the history of the evaluations.



9.  The “ Pains and Objections ”, are displayed on the  specific card  according to the step in which they were assigned. Another card is the "Notes" , which contains the notes included by the pre-seller, after applying filter 2, at the time of scheduling.




10. The lead's timeline is divided into two parts, the first being specific to the schedule for the  next actions  to be performed with the  lead Example: Email sending activity, callback, meeting confirmation and etc. 

The second division refers to the lead history. It contains all the events that occurred with the  lead  since registration. As well as manually entered information, such as observations and other log and event records. 



11.  In the timeline text box  , you can enter pertinent  lead information To “break/skip” the line in the text box, just press the SHIFT+ENTER keys. To learn more about this new update, visit the article “ How to insert text break in Lead Timeline ”. 



12.  It is also possible to “Filter by action” in the  timeline They are quick filters, being possible to filter actions such as calls, emails, activities, among other events. To filter the events, just click on the corresponding icons.  

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