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WhatsApp  Business  is the ideal tool for every business that wants to have a conversational marketing strategy, because through it you facilitate communication, learn more about your customers and, consequently, increase your sales. 


Thinking about these numbers and how valuable this is for our customers, Exact Sales developed the integration with the official  WhatsApp Business API .


We describe below the main information you need to know before using, about the integration with Exact Spotter.


Common questions


1. How to enable  WhatsApp Business  on Spotter?

Request the release of the resource to the colleague of the CS team responsible for your company's project ( Customer Success) After release, a number will be configured for  WhatsApp Business .


2. How to ACTIVATE  WhatsApp Business  on Spotter? 

To activate  WhatsApp Business  on Spotter, it is necessary to carry out a series of processes together with  Facebook Business .


With that in mind, we developed a step-by-step guide to help with this process on the Spotter screen, as well as this article:  How to activate WhatsApp Business on Spotter?


3. Why use  WhatsApp Business  within Spotter?

Using it within Spotter, the company will have a single number to use among all pre-sellers. With this, you will create another contact channel, facilitating communication with  leads 


It will also have several benefits such as: Easy access to the history of the conversation as it will be available on the  lead 's  timeline  Easy access to the conversation period; Intelligent distribution of new contacts; Convenience for your  lead  to contact you.


4. Can I do active prospecting with  WhatsApp Business ?

Facebook  , the owner of the software, imposes some restrictions on using the tool. One of them is active prospecting. The company  does not allow active prospecting  with  WhatsApp Business .


Any  suspicion  of active prospecting  Facebook will block the WhatsApp Business  account  

It is possible to initiate conversations as long as it is not classified as  active prospecting.  Learn more at:  How to start the conversation with the  lead  using  WhatsApp Business ?


5. What if the contact is already a  lead Can I call you on  WhatsApp Business  in Spotter?

The restriction is the same. Facebook   does not allow active prospecting, but it is possible to use  pre-approved  templates  to start the conversation with the lead.


6. Is it possible to automate conversation opening greeting text?

Yes! It is allowed to configure welcome messages that will be sent automatically after the lead starts the conversation. To configure, simply access the menu Settings > WhatsApp Business > Configure Messages






7. Is it possible to configure WhatsApp Business quick replies   from within Spotter?

Yes! Learn more at: How to set up quick replies in WhatsApp Business. 


8. Is there a deadline for replying to messages received on  WhatsApp Business ?

Yes! The message is available for replies for up to 24 hours. When this period passes, you will be able  to view  but  not be able  to reply to messages sent.


This restriction is also enforced by  Facebook , owner of  WhatsApp Business.


Spotter contains a visual alert when the chat is about to end.


9.  Does WhatsApp Business indicate the receipt and reading of messages?

Yes, exactly the same way it works on WhatsApp and WhatsApp Web.


The available statuses for each message are:

- Only a  gray check  : Message only sent and not received by the contact;

- Two  gray checks  : Message received by the contact;

- Two  blue checks  : Message read.


10. Can I use the same WhatsApp Business number as Spotter on a cell phone?

No,  WhatsApp Business  does not allow the use of the same number on different platforms. The configured number is for exclusive use in Exact Spotter.


11. Can I use an existing number on my WhatsApp Business?

No, just a new number that will be configured together with the Spotter team.


12. Is it possible to send audio, video, emojis and attachments through  WhatsApp Business ? 


Audio: Yes.

Video: Yes, as an attachment.

Emojis: Yes.

Attachments: Yes, just click on the attachment icon next to the message field and choose which file to send, and the contact will immediately receive the attachment.


13. Is it possible to receive audio and video via  WhatsApp Business?


Audio: Available for playback and  download .

Videos: Available for  download .


14. Is every message received from a  lead ?

No. If you want to make the contact a  lead , you need  to register it  in Spotter Otherwise, the conversation history is linked to the contact number, but not to a  lead .


15. How does the distribution of messages from new contacts among pre-salespeople work?

There are two configuration possibilities for the distribution. In order to facilitate understanding, we created an article to talk specifically about each one of them. Access:  How are WhatsApp Business messages distributed among Spotter users?


16. When the user is offline, how is he notified of new incoming messages?


Manager:  Receives a daily summary of unread chats in the last 24 hours via email.


Pre-Seller : Is notified by e-mail, every 30 minutes, informing the amount of messages received while  offline .


17.  Can the Manager reply to the message on behalf of the Pre-Salesperson responsible for the Chat? 

Yes! Through the Chats List (Telephony Menu > Chats(WhatsApp), when viewing the details of an active chat ( it is still in the 24h window since the last message from the contact ), the Manager will be able to answer the messages as if he were the pre-seller , without the need for him to become responsible for this chat.


To do so, just access the details of an active chat and write the message you want to reply. By default, Spotter will display a confirmation screen letting the Manager know that he is replying to someone else's chat. Upon confirming the action, the message will be sent.


18. How can I prevent the pre-salesperson from receiving an email notifying me of unread messages, for a chat that has already been answered and ended by the manager? Question scenario above.

The manager can signal the end of the conversation by clicking on the exclamation icon , which is available in the  lead 's last message Thus, the pre-seller will not receive notification of a pending message.





19.  Is the pre-seller able to transfer chats?

Yes, however the Manager needs to release this permission, through the menu Team → Pre-salesmen → Configure Permissions.




20. How to follow WhatsApp chats  , in general, in real time?

The Telephony menu has a submenu called  Chats (WhatsApp) , which allows the Manager to monitor all messages exchanged with his Leads and contacts through WhatsApp Business!


It is through the Chats List that the manager will be able to view all the service through the integration with WhatsApp and make the decisions he deems necessary, such as: Registering a Lead, Transferring a Lead and Responding to a chat as if he were the pre-seller.

21. What if I need to unlink this number from Spotter?

In this case, we will request that the number be disconnected from Spotter. However, as we know that the number may be  linked  to your company, we have requested portability so that it remains with you. 


It is important to note that due to Facebook/WhatsApp limitations, after converting the number to WhatsApp Business API, it is not possible to use it again as a conventional WhatsApp (this information is in the WhatsApp Business service contract   . 


If you want to use it in another system, just request activation from the broker/platform.


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