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Spotter is capable of deducing the e-mail address of a contact registered in the system. The E-mail Validator/Searcher/Miner is a feature of Exact Spotter that acts similarly to the Contacts Searcher, and consists of finding possible e-mails, through the company to which it belongs,  contact  name  and  company   website . 

What is Exact Spotter Email Validator

The E-mail Validator is a feature of  Exact Spotter,  where it is possible to validate the e-mails of contacts registered in the software.

ATTENTION  Searching for contacts without a website registered in the lead can affect the results. 

If you're interested in looking for lead contact information such as name, company website or email, we recommend accessing the article How to use the Contact Finder? . 

In this article, we will show you how to check if an email registered in the database is valid or not. 


Why is it important to validate an email? 


This feature allows you to ensure that, before using an e-mail, it is valid, that is, it exists. That way, you'll be able to get a better use of the time available to perform your actions, and you won't waste time sending emails to non-existent recipients.

What are the benefits of using Email Miner?

One of the main benefits of this resource is the possibility for the Pre-Salesperson to maximize their efficiency and obtain better time management, avoiding contact with invalid e-mails. In addition, together with the Contact Finder, the Email Finder becomes an important tool to help you assertively use your email strategies.

How to validate an email? 

 1.  Log in to the Exact Spotter page  and access the  Lead Details  page . 


How do I access the Lead Details page?

a. On the Lead Base (Funnel) page , click the Lead's name. 

b. On the Lead List page  , click on the desired lead. 

2.  On the Lead Details page  , under  Contacts , click on “ Validate Emails” .



IMPORTANT : The use of this feature consumes the same credits as the Contacts Finder.  


By clicking  Confirm,  Spotter will check whether the email is valid or not. Thus, two cases are possible:

Case 1 : The email in question is valid. 

OBS : The e-mail will be valid when it has a green check arrow ( ) next to it.


Case 2 : The email in question is not valid. 

NOTE : The e-mail will not be valid when it has a red X ( ) next to it .


Ready!  Now you will be able to check if an email exists or not, and you will have more effectiveness in your email strategy! Good prospecting!  


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