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There are several strategies to improve the results of active prospecting. There are many contents, hacks, playbooks that vary from the market to be prospected, to the profile of the lead we are targeting.

Within Spotter, we have developed some strategies that, in addition to boosting prospecting, bring the best use of some of the system's functionalities. And Call's Perfect Time is the subject here.

The PTC - Perfect Time of Call is based on what would be the ideal moment to make the call to the lead, especially when we talk about outbound. Being able to catch the lead at the right time when you know they will be able to assist you, and still provide that wow effect that can make all the difference in the receptivity of the lead with your contact ;)

For this we will use some features of Spotter:

Email cadence


Spotter plugin

Let's use cadence to send a cold mail with a catchy title. It needs to be a title that generates the interest of the lead, related to his routine and the likely problems and challenges he encounters.

You can leave this cadence configured with a dynamic list, so whenever a new lead is registered, for example, he will receive this email ;)

Tip: Do not check the "Allow campaign to send emails on weekends" option unless your team works on weekends as well. If the idea is to call right after the lead opens the email, the team needs to be active ;)

With this part set up, let's now notify the pre-salesperson when the lead opens this email. This is possible from the workflow functionality, we will notify the pre-seller so that he makes contact with the lead.

Remembering that this action will only occur on the first opening of the email by the lead, okay?

To enable notifications, you will need to add the Spotter plugin in chrome:

In this way, we will use the plugin to give a warning to the pv when the lead opens the email. You can access the plugin download link here .

Add to this strategy an approach speech for this telephone contact, leaving the lead surprised with the perfect timing of your contact. This strategy can be essential for your day to day, enjoy it ;)


To the next!

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