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I have leads in my base and I just hired Searching, does the list of companies available for prospecting consider the leads already in my base?

No. Only leads generated by Searching are considered for the total number of companies available for prospecting.

I didn't find a CNPJ that I'm sure exists. What could be happening?

When a CNPJ is not found in Searching, it is usually due to the fact that that company has already been extracted (sent to the funnel) or included in some already qualified list.

When I do a search, Searching shows companies available for prospecting. After generating a list, do these companies leave the total available for prospecting?

Yes, when the list is effectively changed to "Eligible".

When I qualify a list, do these companies leave the total available for prospecting?

Qualifying or not, you've created a list, so prospects fall out of the total.

When I share a qualified list for my lead base, do these companies leave the total available for prospecting?

Yes. In fact, they already left at the time of qualifying the list.

If I delete a lead from my base that originated from Searching, will it appear in the total available for prospecting? Or once imported into Spotter will I never find that company again in Searching searches?

No, if you delete a lead in Spotter, nothing changes in Searching. There are currently no mechanisms in place to enable prospects to "return" to Searching. 

Searching is taking too long to load in incognito tab... 

When the client has never researched or filtered prospects in Searching, the system will need to collect data for the first time. In this case, the delay is due to the fact that it is the first time it is loading data from more than 20 million companies. 

In incognito tab, as there is no cache, the system will have to load all the data every time. We recommend not using Searching in an incognito tab.

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