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What is Searching?


Searching is a feature of Exact Spotter aimed at intelligently analyzing the market situation and generating a list of prospects to be shared in the Spotter funnel. The tool has the necessary resources so that, on its own, it can carry out quantitative market analyzes and extract qualified leads (business and contact data), with the aim of assisting you in your marketing and sales strategies and actions (according to the their subjective needs, interests and commercial and business plans).


Searching also has the Look Alike tool, which allows you to search for similar prospects based on existing Leads in your Spotter base, optimizing your time with accurate market analysis.


What data is contained in the Searching database?


There are more than 20 million companies stored in the Searching database. This base is updated automatically, as well as the data of the companies, consisting of the following information:


  • CNPJ;
  • Social reason;
  • Fantasy name;
  • Federal revenue telephones;
  • Federal revenue e-mail;
  • Company status (open, closed or suspended)
  • Public place;
  • Number;
  • Complement;
  • Neighborhood;
  • City;
  • UF;
  • Latitude;
  • Longitude;
  • Update date in the Federal Revenue;
  • Primary Cnae (line of business);
  • Secondary Cnaes;
  • Legal nature;
  • Company size (MEI, micro, small, medium or large);
  • Presumed billing (measurement based on the calculation of the range of employees and branch according to Sebrae);
  • Number of employees;
  • Partners;
  • Qualification of the partners;


Eventually additional information can be found such as:


  • Site;
  • E-mails located on the websites of the companies;
  • Emails identified in partner databases like
  • E-mails identified in the RDAP (Registration Data Access Protocol) of
  • Telephones on the telelista website;
  • E-mails located on Facebook that highlight the company's page;
  • Phone numbers on the Google website that highlight the company's page;
  • Guia Mais phone numbers;
  • Telephones located on Facebook that highlight the company's page;
  • Telephones located on the company's websites;
  • Facebook link;


Where is this information collected from?


The company's main data are contained in the companies' CNPJ card, Searching does not collect personal data from individuals. All information made available on said platform is related to data on legal entities, having been obtained by consulting public data widely disseminated on the world wide web. This information is drawn from the following sources:


  • IRS;
  • Google;
  • Facebook;
  • Linkedin;
  • TV list;
  • Guiamais;
  • RAIS (Annual List of Social Information);
  • IBGE;
  • Company websites.

To search for this information, public query ports are used. In no source is used crawler for invasion or brute force.


How does this collection process work?


The collection process is based on the company's primary data. Based on these data, searches are carried out in the sources, previously identifying the name of the company, city, uf. With these data collected from these sources, the process of cleaning, crossing and validating the data is carried out.


Updates vary from data to data. Some are updated every time they are requested (they are reprocessed), others undergo annual updates, such as the range of employees that depends on RAIS.


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