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If you need to send emails to lots of different people from different companies, this task can be quite time consuming. With that in mind,  Exact Spotter  automates variables such as the contact's name, contact's company, website link, to be automatically placed in the e-mail. This provides more speed and personalization in sending emails. 

What are variables?

Variables are values that can be replaced and customized for each lead according to the information registered in Spotter.

Because it's important? 

In addition to making it easier when sending emails, personalizing the email with personal information such as first name, last name and company, generates proximity to the lead, building what we call Rapport, which is a friendly and less robotic with the lead.

If you want to send emails to 10 different people, when using the contact name variable, each lead will receive the email with their own name in it.

For example:  

“Good morning  {{contact_name}} , how are you?”


Follow the step by step to find out (know) how to replace the variables and make your email personalized and attractive. 

Access Exact Spotter, and in the side menu click on  E-mail Center.


To change email variables, simply click the variable icon ( ) in the email window and select the one you want to insert. 



There are more than 45 variables that can be replaced.


In addition, you also have the possibility to send copies (Cc) and/or blind copy (Bcc) to other recipients. 


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