How to set up email signature – Spotter V2

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To configure your signature in the E-mail Center, just follow the steps below.


1. In your Spotter, go to  E-mail Center 

2. Click on the gear icon:



3. Then, in  Configure electronic signature . 


4. Create the signature as desired and, when finished, click  Save.  

 That's it, your email signature is set up! :) 

IMPORTANT:  The email signature is only configured for the Email Center. In the email cadence functionality, it is not possible to configure a signature for the campaign sender. An alternative is to set up a template that simulates an email signature. 


How to insert an image in the signature?


1. With the Configure Electronic Signature  screen  open, click on the image icon in the lower left corner.



2.  A pop-up will open where you must enter the url of the image you want to insert in the signature. (To learn how to get a link to your image, watch the following video: )


3. Click on OK , and that's it, your image will be successfully inserted in the signature! 




Is it possible to insert a ''clickable'' image in the signature? An image that, if someone clicks on it, takes them to a web page.

Yes, it is possible! This is done from an html code. If you don't know how to do it, below we provide a step by step and a template to be used :)

1. Still on the Configure electronic signature screen  , click ''insert html'' 


2. An alert will appear that when switching the edit mode, the entered information will be lost, and the action buttons will be disabled. Just follow by clicking ''Change''.



3.  Copy the code below, paste it into the Electronic Signature Setup screen and make the necessary url replacements:


<html> <a href=" URL-WISH-TO-BE-REDIRECTED ">
<img src=" URL-TO-YOUR-IMAGE-HERE "> </html>

4. It should look like the example below:


5.  Finishing editing as above, just click '' SAVE '' 



  • Note that in the template above, where it says '' URL-WISH-TO-BE-REDIRECTED '', it was adjusted to the url I want to be redirected when clicking on the image
  • '' URL-DA-SUA-IMAGEM-AQUI '' has been replaced by the URL of the image, collected as per this video:


It's done! Your signature is saved as a clickable image!


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