Learn how to create an email cadence to nurture dropped leads

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Average Reply Time (ART) is the metric that measures how long it takes your pre-sales team to contact a lead that has entered the base. When a lead requests service and converts to your sales funnel, it's important to contact them as soon as possible. 

According to  studies  , the average ART of the Saas industry is 24 hours, however, companies that respond within 5 minutes are 10 times more likely to convert a lead into a sale, and . By following the steps below to set up an email cadence, you will reduce your TRM to less than 5 minutes. 

In addition, you will still ensure that all leads in your base will receive contact, even if they were registered manually or by import. See how:

  1. Before setting up cadence, make sure you have at least three lead first contact templates. If you need to, check out this  content.

  2. On the cadences screen, create a new dynamic list.

Dynamic lists are automatically updated with leads that meet specific criteria. When a lead with configured characteristics is added to the base, it is automatically included in the dynamic list and enters the programmed cadence.

  1. You can include leads that are already in your base. If you want the cadence to be applied only to new leads, uncheck the option “ Allow contacts from my Leads Base, who already meet the criteria, to be added to the list after saving. 

  2. Next, set up a segmentation with the  Current Stage criterion  and, in the field on the side, choose the  first stage of your pre-sales funnel.

You can add other criteria such as market, origin, among others, to create specific cadences focused on the market of each lead.

  1. Add an inclusion criterion with the  Source  used in your hand-raising leads, that way only leads that request contact will be included in the list.

  2. On the Campaigns tab  , create a new campaign

  3. Next, set up a segmentation with the  Current Stage criterion  and, in the field on the side, choose the  first stage of your pre-sales funnel.

  4. Set up the campaign and, in the field of the  send list,  select the list for first contact.

  1. Create a cadence using your first contact templates and with at least three submissions at least 24 hours apart.

Ready! Now all leads who request contact and enter your base will receive the first cadence email in less than 5 minutes. You can also create a list for imported leads and manually registered leads. 

That way, all your leads will be contacted automatically and your pre-salespeople will be notified when a lead responds to an email.

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