Smart Routing - Direct funnel on schedule

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Are you using multiple funnels and need to send the lead to a specific funnel when the lead is scheduled? No problem! We implemented this improvement to make your life easier ;) Let's see how it will work?

The purpose of this functionality is to automatically select the lead's destination funnel when booking. 

For this you will need to configure the routing rules. Remembering that this configuration needs to be done in the manager profile:

Routing needs to be active to work, but you can define all the rules first and then activate it, no problem.

While it is not activated, a message will be displayed on the routing settings screen:

Let's configure then?

You will define the criteria, saying if the lead needs to meet only 1 of the criteria, or all of them:

The criteria currently available are:

  • Temperature
  • pre-seller
  • Seller
  • Product
  • Pain
  • Custom Field
  • Country
  • state
  • City
  • Market
  • Sub-Origin
  • Origin;
  • Filter (referenced by the filter name)
  • Funnel

Did you miss any criteria? Rate the article and in the feedback, describe what you need ;)

It is possible to create more than 1 set of criteria, and between sets also define whether the lead needs to meet all sets, or just 1 of them:

Currently the only outbound action is to send to a specific funnel. We already have improvements planned for other actions, but for now this functionality is restricted to sending a lead to the 1st stage of a specific funnel at the time of scheduling :

Are we going to see this in practice?

If you have a specific funnel for passive entries and leads that come from marketing, you need to select these sources in the criteria:

If you select more than one criterion, as in the image above, Spotter will consider "OR" within this condition: Either inbound or inbound marketing, even if the option "the lead meets all the criteria" is selected. Because each lead only has 1 source, 1 market, and so on. It wouldn't make sense for him to have to be from all origins at the same time, would it?

IMPORTANT:  Inactive criteria (origin, market, pre-sellers) will appear in the list as well. 

Do you know what we put in already? Filters . That's right! You can select objective responses from the filters as inclusion criteria as well. However, filters like Feedback and User Rating are not available in the criteria.

After adding the criteria, select which funnel the lead will be sent to at the time of booking:

Remember to name the rule and click finish. That's it, your routing is saved.

Remembering that it is necessary to activate the routing in the settings.

You can create several rules if you have many funnels, so analyze your operation and define the rules that meet your needs.

Not released on your account? All you have to do is request it via email and we'll provide it here.

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