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Exact Spotter's workflow is a sequence of automatically executed steps based on events and actions.

For example, when a lead is  registered  manually  event , the system creates an activity to be performed by the pre-seller at the time of registration. The activity  send email ( action  to the lead must be executed within 30 minutes after the lead registration.

To create a workflow, from a manager account:

1.  Access the workflow menu and click + Add workflow.


2.  Choose the event the action will be based on and click Next. 

3.  Select the action you want to apply to the occurrence of the selected event by clicking Add Action


One or more actions can be created. 

Note: It is important to remember that if the customer has the  Whatsapp Business functionality in Spotter, two options will appear when clicking on Add Action, as shown in the image:



4. Clicking on Activity (Option in the image above, topic 3), the following screen will open. From the same choose the Type of activity; set completion time; the time of notification; the creation permission and, if you have it, the notes. 


Creation permission can be chosen from all or groups. If the choice is all, the action will be applied to all leads that go through the event, in this case, the registration. 

If the choice is for groups, only leads assigned to pre-salespeople that belong to the selected group will have the action applied, after going through the event.


4.1  Clicking on Send HSM (Whatsapp Business) (Option in the image above, topic 3), the following screen will open. From there, select the template you want to use and the time you want to send it. As shown in the screenshot below:


IMPORTANT:  In order to be able to send the template, it is necessary that the lead has a phone number registered in the MAIN CONTACT and not in the company itself or secondary contacts.


5. After defining the actions, click Save.




IMPORTANT:  It is possible to register a Workflow for each event.  

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