What is Workflow and what is its objective? - Spotter V2

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Workflow is a functionality within Exact Spotter whose purpose is to offer customers the possibility of the platform dictating the rhythm to users by creating activities linked to the occurrence of various events in the system. 


The purpose of the feature is to increase efficiency in prospecting by having the pre-sales team "chase" the completion of activities.

The manager will be able to follow the team's performance through Business Analytics reports, consequently increasing the engagement of this important functionality.

Some benefits of this feature 

- Ensure constancy in the relationship with the lead;

- Prevent opportunities from being wasted due to lack of communication or  timing  in contact; 

- This automation simplifies the manager's follow-up, reducing the need to focus on the team's flow and providing more time for other management tasks.


- After receiving a lead from the digital marketing platform, an activity like "Perform Filter 1" will be created to be completed in X minutes;

- After discarding a lead in Filter 2, an activity like "Retrieve Lead" will be created to be completed in 3 months;

- After making a Scheduling, an activity of the type "Confirmation of Meeting" will be created for 120 minutes before the meeting;

- When a lead opens an email sent by the platform, an activity will be created to get in touch in Y minutes;

Creating a workflow generates so many benefits, how about learning how to create one? For this, follow these steps: 

1.  Make sure you are logged in with a “Manager” account;

2.  On the side menu, click on “Workflow”;


3.  Then click on “+ Add Workflow”; 

4.  Next, the page for adding the workflow will open. In it, choose the trigger on which the action will be based on the listing in the “Available Events” field. 

5.  Select the action you want to apply to the occurrence of the selected trigger by clicking on “+Add Action”; 


Note: One or more actions can be created.

6.  When clicked, a pop up will open to configure the action. The fields to fill in are the following: 


Type of activity : Choose the activity from those available;

Complete within : Set the time limit (minimum 30 minutes) for the activity to complete after the event occurs. If the pre-seller does not complete it in the established time, it will be marked as late;

Select the desired time variable. It can be in minutes, hours, days, weeks or months; 

Notify : Define how long before it occurs, the action must be notified to the pre-seller;

Creation Permission : Creation permission can be chosen from all or groups. If the choice is all, the action will be applied to all leads that go through the event. 

If you choose groups, only leads assigned to pre-salespeople that belong to the selected group will have the action applied after going through the event;


Notes: If necessary, insert any notes;

Select the “Consider the company's business hours” flag if you want to consider this information; 

7.   After defining the actions, click on “Save”;


8.  Done, your Workflow has been successfully configured. Configure as many as you like. 

Good sales ;)  

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