How to set up Email Cadence

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The  email cadence  is used to automate the sending of emails by creating  campaigns  with their respective objectives. 

A good example is the  Customer Prospecting Campaign,  in which the SDR uses e-mail automation to direct the lead to the next stages of the Sales Funnel (or Pipeline). 

You can use your own domain or use a default Exact Spotter domain. For this second option, just contact our customer service via chat and request it. But if you prefer to use your own domain, just follow the steps below ;)


IMPORTANT  For this,  you need to have a domain  registered and/or hosted on a server. If you don't have one, contact your Implementer or Customer Success (depending on the stage of the project) and inform them so that they can assist you in the necessary procedures. 

Follow the instructions below to configure  the  Email Cadence in  Exact Spotter .

Adding a Subdomain in the Email Cadence

1.  Go to the  Email Cadence menu.

2.  Click  Settings.



3.  Click  Add Domain.


4.  After clicking  Add Domain,  enter   your  subdomain  +  domain in the Domain field  and click  Save,  then click  Register .


It is possible to configure a domain for the cadence, without needing a subdomain, as long as the domain is EXCLUSIVE for the cadence of emails. If it is configured and pointed to other purposes, it will not work and it will be necessary to configure a subdomain for the domain that will be used. 

Explanation of the image above:

a) The ' Sdr ' is the  Subdomain  that must be created (the name is at the discretion of the person registering - there is no pre-defined pattern);

b) The  domain  is .

c) The default nomenclature is:  subdomain.yourdomain (. com br  / . net  / etc..)

NOTE  The address is used by Exact Sales. You must identify  your domain through your website host to  correctly create  the email cadence in  Exact Spotter .

4.  After registration, the second session will be presented. It will present the records that need to be configured on your DNS server. As there will probably not be an entry yet in your dns zone, it will turn red. It will only turn green after everything is configured correctly in the DNS zone. 

Configuring DNS records on your domain

DNS is the acronym for Domain Name Server (in Portuguese, Server of Names of Domains). This system was created to facilitate our navigation by locating and translating website domains into IP's (Internet Protocol), which are numeric sequences identifying a domain on your server.

Whenever we do a domain registration, we next need to configure the DNS server.

This article was developed demonstrating the configuration made in the  since it is the Exact Sales domain host. The configuration procedure is similar (or the same) as shown in this article, for other hosts, you should consult your host's support or your company's IT if you don't know how to configure a subdomain in your DNS Zone.     

1.  Access the Site Dashboard on your host and go to  Domain.


Note:  The nomenclature can change from host to host, but the name pattern is usually this. (Domain Settings; DNS Settings; Change DNS; Change DNS Server, etc.)

2.  After clicking on your domain (, go to  Configure DNS Zone: 


3.  After clicking on  Configure DNS Zone , we will create new DNS configurations through the  New Entry option .


4. After clicking on “New entry”, go back to the Spotter DNS Records Configuration screen  and  copy  the  Type  , Host  and  Entry information. 

There is an icon next to each of the parameters to copy too, example: 


5.  Add the   information mentioned in item d) to the fields available in your host's DNS settings , together with the created subdomain and click  Add .

Example: <host> +.+<subdomain> .<domain filled in by  the .br record > <  CNAME  or  MX type ><server( Entry )> 





 *Repeat this procedure for all DNS record settings presented in  Exact Spotter


6.  After registering all DNS records (CNAME and MX) on the host's website, click  Save.

7.  Return to Spotter and click  Finish  on the email cadence setting and check the displayed message.

If the configuration fails, Spotter will display the following message:  Unable to find the DNS records on your server.  Click the Edit  button  and check which of the settings is incorrect. It will have the Status icon equal to 

*It is normal for a delay of between 12 and 48 hours for the new settings to take effect.

8.  Make the necessary corrections to your host's website and click  Save  again. Spotter  will display  a  DNS Configured Successfully message  .


Below we also provide two videos showing how to make this configuration, but the example given in the video is the hosting zone that we use at Exact Sales, which is


Video 1:


Video 2: 



Use this link  if you are unable to propagate the settings made. That is, if you have already made the configuration following the whole step by step in the order described and still not successful, fill in the information of your created subdomain, the Type (CNAME or MX) and click on consult (Search). This site will validate and display the errors found. If in doubt, consult our Support channel. 


Once this is done and the configuration is successful, your  E-mail Cadence is now ready for use, all you have to do is create a list of Leads and Templates to be used.

Let's put these campaigns to run now? 


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