How to create templates for Email Cadence? - Spotter V2

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In order to create an e-mail campaign, it is necessary to register at least one  e-mail template , so that it can be sent to the contacts on the campaign list.

Important : only the Manager or Pre-Salesperson with permission can access the email cadence.

To register the first template of the e-mails cadence, access the menu  E-mails Cadence > Template > Create template . 


In the Create Template window , you must enter a name for the template, determine a subject and the content of the message. 


When assembling the template, you can use variables for automatic completion, in the subject or in the body of the message. Just position the cursor in the position where you want to include the variable and select it from the list contained in the variables button (button highlighted in the image below - “ var ” These variables will customize your emails according to each of your contacts. 


You also have other options available to use in making your template: graphic formatting options and options for inserting images or links. 


To add images, click on the “ INSERT IMAGE ” icon. The image must be hosted in order for it to be available to recipients. This can be done through a website and you can see some options HERE . 

When you have uploaded the desired file, you can copy the “ Direct link to Layouts ” and paste the URL of the image in the text box  “APP.EXACTSPOTTER.COM SAYS”



You can also insert a link. To do this, just select the text in the body of the template where you want to include a link and click the button in the header, next to the image button.


Paste the link you want to share and then click “ OK  




When the template content is ready, just click on  CREATE  and it will be available to be used in campaigns.  



Emails going to SPAM? 

Do you follow some tips?

1. Try to create templates with as little text and images as possible. The more links, the greater the chance that the destination email provider will understand that it is SPAM.

2. Use cadence to get your prospects' attention. Send links/images/attachments as soon as you have established a first contact with them.

3. Perform an analysis on the sub-domain configured in your cadence.

 Go to and select the "Domain blacklist check" option. Fill in the field with the sub-domain configured in your account (Ex.:; click Test.

If it returns any "Listed" results, please notify our support.


How to insert clickable images in cadence? 

After following the initial step-by-step of creating templates normally, that is, Cadence of Emails > Templates > Create Templates 

Convert to HTML: 


Paste HTML below:



Change URLS in HTML: 

And then,  click on ''CREATE'' directly (without ''converting'' to html again): 

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