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Qualification bands are a way of metric what the lead's buying potential is. At the end of the application of each filter, a qualification is obtained that tells us whether or not the lead is able to continue. 

Currently we have five ranges that we call temperatures, they are:

• Very hot

• Hot

• Warm

• Cold

• Frozen

Each qualification or temperature range is obtained according to the number of points added to the filter responses.

To configure the amount of points that will be attributed to the answers of the filters, just follow this step by step.

Go to  Exact Spotter 


Go to  Settings > Manage Filters. Then click  Edit  on the filter you want to configure the qualification ranges:



To assign a score to each answer of the questions configured in the Filter, go to Questions:


4.  Select the question you want to configure and click the " " icon to open the answers. On the opened page, assign points for each answer and click Save:


Qualification ranges are obtained from the sum of points for each response. For each range, a minimum number of points is assigned, and thus, the lead is qualified in one of the ranges when the sum of the points of their answers is equal to or greater than what is configured for each range. 


IMPORTANT:  If the minimum sum of the Cold qualification range is not reached, the lead is automatically considered Frozen. 

5 . Ready! Qualifying tracks are now set up. This way, every time a lead goes through a filter, at the end of it, it will be qualified if it reaches the minimum qualification configured in the Filter. 

Filter 1 's default setting   to send leads down the funnel is to reach one of the following temperatures:  Very Hot ,  Hot  , or  Warm .

For downstream filters, the default setting for sending leads down the funnel is  Very Hot  or  Hot However, it is possible to configure it independently of the Filter, so that leads that reach other temperatures also move on to the next stages of the funnel. In the “ Minimum Qualification ” field you can set the minimum acceptable temperature.



With qualification temperatures or ranges, you can get a better view of which  leads  are really interested in your product or service. The tracks will give you more assertiveness in which  leads  to direct to the seller.

Leads that do not reach the minimum temperature for the next step will be discarded and can be accessed in the  list of leads . 

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