Using the "Insert comment on other Pre-Sales Leads' timeline" permission - Spotter V2

Created by Andre Greiner, Modified on Wed, 24 May, 2023 at 11:51 AM by Andre Greiner

With this resource released, the pre-salesperson will be able to insert comments in the  lead timeline  of   other pre-salespeople.

The comments entered vary according to the needs of each company /  lead  / service, and there is no standard of what should be filled in.

By enabling the permission, you will have more autonomy to help the team, thus reducing the execution time of tasks per pre-salesperson.

Follow the step-by-step guide below to learn how to insert comments into   other pre-sales  leads  timelines quickly and easily .

1.  Log in to the Exact Spotter page . 

a. Enter your email and password. Click  Sign in .


2.  Access the side menu  Leads  >  Lead  base  (funnel). 


3.  Open the details of a  lead  that you  are not responsible for 



In the image above, I'm logged into Spotter with the user/pre-vendor:  Vini That is, the  lead  shown  is not my responsibility . 

5.  With permission released, just enter the desired comment and press  Enter  on the keyboard to register in  Spotter .


IMPORTANT:  Entered comments cannot be deleted.

IMPORTANT: In order to insert comments into the lead timeline of other pre-salespeople, in addition to specifically obtaining permission to do so, your View Leads permission level must be set to Group or Full.


It is possible to configure for the pre-salesperson responsible for the  lead  to be notified by email, when another pre-salesperson inserts a comment on his  lead The configuration step by step is available in the permissions - manager article. 

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