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Permissions are software settings that control what users can access, edit, and do within Spotter.

Manager Profile

In Exact Spotter, users with the  Manager profile  already have free access to all functions and features of the system, and are also the main user to grant and remove permissions for all their pre-salespeople.

The only functionality that is not available to managers is the application of Filters in the Leads database  , as it is a feature that can only be handled by pre-salespeople.

Pre-Seller Profile

Pre-Salespeople are users responsible for qualifying potential customers and, together with Spotter, scheduling the best meetings for salespeople. 

By default, pre-salespeople have limited access to system functions. 

Permissions release functionalities that give more freedom for the Pre-Salesperson to perform their functions more quickly without the need for the manager to allocate their time to these activities.

Example of how to optimize working time by granting permission to the Pre-Seller

Lead Discard  Permission  .

In cases where the Pre-Salesor is unable to apply a filter to the leads, it is recommended that they be discarded. By default, this permission is blocked for the pre-seller user, forcing him to request the disposal to his manager.

In order for the pre-salesperson to gain more autonomy and agility in their work routine, the Manager can release the Lead Discard permission.

permissions levels

Within Spotter we have some permission levels for pre-sellers, which can be extremely useful for optimizing processes and access.

•  Use the same as the profile:  Option that uses the permissions configured for all pre-sales profiles and can be done, just as they are located on the " " icon .


• Individual -  Pre-Seller will have limited access to their own Leads.

Groups -  Pre-Salesperson will have limited access to leads corresponding to the informed group.

Complete -  Pre-Seller will have unlimited access to all Leads registered in the system.

Consult and release Exact Spotter permissions with a  Manager account  through the menu  Team   Pre-Sales/Sales > ( ).


It is also possible to configure permissions at an individual level for a different pre-salesperson than what was configured as default for all pre-salespeople, by clicking on the " " icon located in the right corner of the user's status and going to Configure Permissions:



Example in context: If in the general settings I set that my pre-salespeople cannot exclude any Lead. I can individually choose a pre-salesperson X who can have this permission while others cannot. 

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