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When we talk about commercial strategy, ensuring that your team makes the best use of their time is essential. And to suit different strategies Spotter allows 3 schedule configurations. OBS: it is not possible to use the 3 in parallel, it is necessary to evaluate which of the 3 makes more sense for your commercial operation, ok?

It is possible to fill in the boxes by the Manager user, Pre-Salesperson and by the Salesperson himself. Just follow the steps below:


1.  Access  Agenda  in the Spotter left sidebar menu and then click on  Boxes .


2.  Select the Seller you want to fill in the boxes and then how you want to fill in the boxes: 


3.  To fill in the calendar times, you can choose to:

manual filling

Block Marking

Marking by Pattern

manual filling

Manual completion consists of selecting each time slot and creating its respective box. To manually fill in, follow these steps:

1.  Click on the box for the desired day.


2.  Fill in the information for  Start Time ,  End Time , the  desired Status  and your  Notes , if you want. 


3.  Click  Save . 

Block Marking

Block marking aims to help you build blocks on a single screen, for multiple dates. To do this, do the following:

1.  Click the  Block Markup button .

2.  Fill in the period (Start Date and End Date), the Block Time (Start Time and End Time), the Block Status and the days of the week.  

3.  Click  +New  to add new timeboxes.

4.  Click on the  Save button

Marking by Pattern

If your sellers have agenda standards, marking by default is the simplest way to insert filling in the boxes. 

1.  Click on the  Markup by Default button


2.  Choose the  Pattern , fill in the  Period  (Start Date and End Date), the  days of the week  and the  observations , if any.

NOTE: If you don't already have a completed Pattern, click here to learn how to create one.


OBS.:  For the Pre-Salesor to create and fill in the boxes, he must obtain the “ View Agenda (Sellers) ” permission.

With the permission enabled, he will need to access the  Calendar  menu and click on  Boxes After that,  just follow the Manager's steps.




1.  The Seller can fill in the boxes from the link received by email from the moment the Manager or Pre-Seller Requests the Filling  of Boxes, similar to the one below: 







2.  After clicking on the link, the Seller will be redirected to a Spotter page. However, without having to log in, he will be able to configure his boxes manually  or  by  block marking .


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